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This site is no longer being updated

I’ve decided that I’m moving my blog completely to Blogger.

So please go check it out at http://jazzauk.blogspot.com

And update your RSS feeds, Bloglines, Google Reader, etc.

I’ll shut down this account in a month or so

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Have been playing around with Flock, the new web browser, and as Spaces haven’t implemented the blogger API yet, I decided to give blogger ago.

So check out my new blog on blogger :)


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Moving Home

I move out of my flat Friday. After 3 and a half years in the center of Oxford. I move a little further out :)

Having to pack, and realizing that I’ve way too many DVD’s (about 6
box’s so far), and that I had a lot of rubblish. I think we’ve managed
8 bin bags so far. Also we had 5 old computer cases, old cd drives,
motherboards, sound cards.

And back to my parents for a week, then onto my new home.

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DirectX 10 PDC demo

From last weeks PDC, a demo created by Crytek, the guys behind FarCry


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iTunes Mapi32 error

My buddy Tom had some issues trying to install the latest version of iTunes, and kept getting an error about mapi32.dll

Any ways, here’s how he fixed it

When launching iTunes, you may recieve an error message similar to this one:

iTunes.exe – Ordinal Not Found
The ordinal 21 could not be located in the dynamic link library MAPI32.dll

error is caused when another application is installed and overwrites
the MAPI32.dll file. This file is Microsoft’s Mail API. Common culprits
are Eudora, Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape and Thunderbird. Here’s
the fix:

1) Click Start then Run…
2) Type "fixmapi.exe" (without the quotes)
3) Click OK

procedure runs Microsoft’s Fixmapi tool which reinstates the original
MAPI32.dll file. The previous version is renamed to "MAPI32x.dll" which
might be useful to know if you find your mail application starts
playing up.

This is a long-standing issue, the fixmapi.exe tool
has been included with Windows for some time now. For more information
see this article:


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TV Season 2005-06

Ain’t it cool have published a list of when your "Favorite Network Show Returns"

I’ve edited the list for just the show’s I’m intrested in. Show’s in italics are new shows.

Alias (ABC) Sept. 29
American Dad (Fox) Sept. 11
Arrested Development (Fox) Sept. 19
Criminal Minds (CBS) Sept. 22
Family Guy (Fox) Sept. 11
Freddie (ABC) Oct. 5
Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) Sept. 25
House (Fox) Sept. 13
How I Met Your Mother (CBS) Sept. 19
Invasion (ABC) Sept. 21
Joey (NBC) Sept. 22
Just Legal (WB) Sept. 19
Kitchen Confidential (Fox) Sept. 19

Las Vegas (NBC) Sept. 19
Lost (ABC) Sept. 21
My Name Is Earl (NBC) Sept. 20
Office (NBC) Sept. 20
Prison Break (Fox) Aug. 29
Simpsons (Fox) Sept. 11
Supernatural (WB) Sept. 13

Threshold (CBS) Sept. 16
Veronica Mars (UPN) Sept. 28

So far I’ve watched previews of Killer Instint (not my kind of show),
Invasion, My Name is Earl & Just Legal. I’ve got Theshold still to
watch. Will try to post review of all shows in the next week or so

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